Why Christians Should NOT Boycott the Worship Industry

A dear friend of mine shared a blog post on her Facebook timeline encouraging Christians to boycott the worship industry. I was very disturbed by this piece since I have some close friends who earn their income from leading worship. Here's why Christians should not boycott the worship industry, but support it: #1 God likes…Read more Why Christians Should NOT Boycott the Worship Industry


How A Teenager Shocked Me

Everyday we read headlines about teenagers committing crimes or brazenly living a promiscuous, party-hardy drug pursuing lifestyle. But I believe despite the teenagers you hear about in the headlines that God is raising up a new generation of teenagers who are truly counter-culture by living their faith out loud. One of those teenagers is someone…Read more How A Teenager Shocked Me

Favorite Friday: Win “Onething Live: Shout Your Name” CD

When is the last time you've done something crazy for God? Here's a testimony from Jon Thurlow and Jaye Thomas when I visited with them about a project they contributed to. Get the project and be encouraged to do something crazy for God.

When God Turns Against You

A river turns to blood. Croaking, hopping frogs inundate a city. Clouds of gnats darken the streets. The blood-soaked river, heaps of frogs and cloud of gnats as told in Exodus 7-8, were a demonstration of Egypts' gods turning on them. The Egyptians worshiped Hapi, the river god for the water it brought to their…Read more When God Turns Against You

A Young Man’s Passion

Is it possible for a teenager in our culture to bawl  through worship? Not a girl, but a young man to cry as they are overwhelmed by the majesty and glory of God's presence.  Yes, your son who loves video games and Marvel Comic  superhero movies can feel the presence of God. Last Saturday night…Read more A Young Man’s Passion

Guest Post: How to Encounter God by Sammy Noel

Editor's Note: Sammy Noel is an unusual 16-year-old who has started Kids for The One God Facebook group and a band called The Selfless Remain. He is the songwriter, arranger and acoustic guitar player for the band. And he keeps them all on point. My son, Alex Haywood, is the lead singer in the band. Alex's…Read more Guest Post: How to Encounter God by Sammy Noel

Holy Fire

Alex's Song - Alex is part of the World Revival Church REVO Band. He wrote this song when he was 12-years-old taking classes from Pastor Dustin Smith. Those few classes that Dustin gave when he wasn't on the road were absolutely invaluable. Alex was also heavily influenced by Emily Lohman, Mary Seidler and Michelle Childs-Beedle.