Why You Should Watch ’13 Reasons Why’

While I was walking towards the edge of Stagg High School, my blond friend, Wanda, breathlessly ran up to me. "We heard you were getting jumped today so I brought Janice and Terry with me." Janice was a beautiful Hispanic girl who I knew since I was 10-years-old and Terry was a stunning strawberry blond…Read more Why You Should Watch ’13 Reasons Why’

A Young Man’s Passion

Is it possible for a teenager in our culture to bawl  through worship? Not a girl, but a young man to cry as they are overwhelmed by the majesty and glory of God's presence.  Yes, your son who loves video games and Marvel Comic  superhero movies can feel the presence of God. Last Saturday night…Read more A Young Man’s Passion

World-Class Ministry Starts in Your Home

A very wise woman once told me that my ministry were my children. I didn't want to hear that because I liked being in the middle of ministry adventures. I love traveling, staying in nice hotels and meeting important people.While I was working in my dream ministry position where I occasionally traveled, my daughter DÁndra…Read more World-Class Ministry Starts in Your Home