Why Christians Need to Stop Silly Fights

"What are the benefits of public school," a person asked on Twitter. I answered, "You learn how to get along with people who are different from you." Instantly without any notice I was ambushed on Twitter by home schoolers who thought I said 'home-schooling is Satanic.' I said nothing about home-schooling. I answered a question…Read more Why Christians Need to Stop Silly Fights


How One Woman’s Prayer Changed Nations

                          "Do not despise these small beginnings...." Zechariah 4:10 A young pastor's wife in a little college town in Mississippi fasted and prayed that God would send leaders to their church. On the fifth day of fasting, Rice Broocks walked in the door.…Read more How One Woman’s Prayer Changed Nations

When Your Pastor Sins

My first pastor, "Frank,"* who was like a big brother and father to me is in prison. I don't want to say why he is in prison but the reason shocked me. When I found out that he was in prison, my first response to was to cut off every connection to him and banish…Read more When Your Pastor Sins

When God Rips Your Mask Off

Genesis or the book of beginnings launches the story of a man and woman who had everything and lost it with a lie. That lie from the enemy sent Adam and Eve into hiding. When God came looking for them, they were afraid and ashamed at their nakedness. ‚ÄúThen the Lord God called to the…Read more When God Rips Your Mask Off

When God’s Purpose in Your Child’s Life Hurts You

Jacob held the blood-stained robe that he carefully wove for his youngest son. The dreams he had in his heart that Joseph told him were shattered. The dreamer father, who told his sons of his dream of angels going up and down a ladder to heaven, treasured Joseph's dreams.The second dream of his brothers bowing…Read more When God’s Purpose in Your Child’s Life Hurts You

When You’re Born Into Chaos

At five-years-old, social workers found her in a dirty living room littered with beer bottles. The little girl with the big brown eyes and curly black hair was three-years-old when her mother, Malia, left her with a couple. Two years later she was put in a dark cell with a cot and can to pee…Read more When You’re Born Into Chaos