You’re Enough

D'Andra invited 14 of her classmates and her teachers and the staff to a holiday open house tonight. At 7:05 pm, it looked like no one was coming. I had baked some sugar cookies to decorate and prepared ingredients to make ornaments. "I don't know if anyone is coming sweetheart," I told D'Andra. I had…Read more You’re Enough


How I Found Freedom in Prison

In November 2001, I received a verdict that felt like a prison sentence. I discovered that the baby I was carrying had a disability. The geneticist that gave me the diagnosis recommended that I terminate the pregnancy. I didn't want to have an abortion yet I was overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown that…Read more How I Found Freedom in Prison

Did that really happen?

We are either victors or victims of our own perspectives. The view from above or across the room can be radically different from what really happened. I learned this the hard way. I have a daughter with special needs and as I walked outside the church sanctuary, I saw a horrible site. She was sitting…Read more Did that really happen?

The “R” Word

"Could you for one second stop being retarded and act normal?" I asked my 10-year-old daughter, D'Andra. She looked at me and her eyes got big, then she started crying. I realized that she understood the word 'retarded.' D'Andra's tears broke me and I kneeled down to envelope her in a giant hug. "I'm sorry…Read more The “R” Word

World-Class Ministry Starts in Your Home

A very wise woman once told me that my ministry were my children. I didn't want to hear that because I liked being in the middle of ministry adventures. I love traveling, staying in nice hotels and meeting important people.While I was working in my dream ministry position where I occasionally traveled, my daughter DÁndra…Read more World-Class Ministry Starts in Your Home

The Oppressive Life of Those Who Are Ignored

I recently learned that one of the most oppressed groups in our country are children, teenagers and adults with disabilities. I never realized how oppressed this group was until I heard a speaker describe how they are told from sunup to sundown what to do or how they are misinterpreted because of their inability to…Read more The Oppressive Life of Those Who Are Ignored

How God Remembers When People Forget You

I went from sitting on the front row in church to sitting in the foyer with a fussy child in a matter of years. I went from getting calls daily from ministry leaders to being a nobody. Stepping out of the inner circle of ministry and being on the prayer team to the foyer was…Read more How God Remembers When People Forget You