When a Church Says You’re “Sifted Out”

After some very close friends left a church I attended, the pastor preached a message about people being "sifted out" of the church. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach listening to that sermon because being sifted out implied that Satan was at work in pushing them out and they were "tares"…Read more When a Church Says You’re “Sifted Out”

The Danger of Weaponizing the Bible to Oppress Immigrants

This week the White House has used the Bible to justify separating children from their parents in a hardline immigration policy. Here's what else the Bible says about immigrants.

Why Christians Need to Stop Silly Fights

"What are the benefits of public school," a person asked on Twitter. I answered, "You learn how to get along with people who are different from you." Instantly without any notice I was ambushed on Twitter by home schoolers who thought I said 'home-schooling is Satanic.' I said nothing about home-schooling. I answered a question…Read more Why Christians Need to Stop Silly Fights

The Shocking Signs of Holiness

When I think of a holy man or woman, I envision a person living in a cave who doesn't watch TV or movies or listen to secular music. The unspoken definition of holiness by American church culture is not cussing, not smoking, not drinking alcohol, not watching R rated movies or not listening to secular…Read more The Shocking Signs of Holiness

How I Found Freedom in Prison

In November 2001, I received a verdict that felt like a prison sentence. I discovered that the baby I was carrying had a disability. The geneticist that gave me the diagnosis recommended that I terminate the pregnancy. I didn't want to have an abortion yet I was overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown that…Read more How I Found Freedom in Prison

Why We Need to Talk about Race

My friend, Dr. Ellis Ingram, is a retired African American physician who had an encounter at a Missouri store with racial undertones. His wife, Pam, was also followed at another store because she is African American. They both lead a ministry to children and teenagers in the public housing projects called "Granny's House." They had…Read more Why We Need to Talk about Race