One Prayer Most Christians Don’t Say

At 10:30am I finally sit down on my bed, open my Bible and ask God to speak to me from His word. I had a full day of accomplishment. I worked out for an hour and made a new friend at Planet Fitness. I started drafting an e-mail newsletter and had an hour-long conference call…Read more One Prayer Most Christians Don’t Say

Did that really happen?

We are either victors or victims of our own perspectives. The view from above or across the room can be radically different from what really happened. I learned this the hard way. I have a daughter with special needs and as I walked outside the church sanctuary, I saw a horrible site. She was sitting…Read more Did that really happen?

The Two Most Powerful Words

If more bosses said these two words, they wouldn't lose valuable employees. If more leaders said these two words, they would increase their influence. If more parents said these two words, their children would feel more secure. If more spouses said these two words, their husbands / wives would feel more appreciated. These are two…Read more The Two Most Powerful Words

Breaking Barriers

When 2010 started, I didn't plan to lose a major contract and bump up my side business to become my full-time gig. I didn't foresee my 16-year-old son, Chris, driving or my 8-year-old daughter, D'Andra, forgetting that she has special needs or a disability, grabbing a sled, jumping on it and sliding down a steep…Read more Breaking Barriers