jdking-book-cover-highwaysministries-620x952Leilani Haywood is the author of Ten Keys to Raising Kids That Love God. She is donating the net proceeds of the book to The Orphan Justice Center, an organization with a three-fold mission:

Rescue: Mobilizing people across the globe to engage in the rescue of children.

Adopt: Calling the Church to a justice movement to nurture and care for the orphan.

Restore: To see children healed and walking in their destinies

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Here are some reviews of the book:

“As Leilani and Jerome Haywood’s pastors for  17 years, we have watched them go through practically every stage of parenting with their three children. Leilani not only works hard as a mother, she also champions the Bible principles of child-rearing that we have taught our World Revival Church family.  Not everyone believes that children crave God’s presence and will respond to His Word and ways!  We thank God for Leilani’s faith and perseverance in not only sticking with God’s plan for their children, but sharing her transparent views on the challenges and joys of raising kids who are powerful, effective and devoted to God.” Steve & Kathy Gray, pastors, World revival Church, Kansas City, MO

“Leilani’s transparency separates herself from many authors.  I love her honesty of the things she may have done wrong and even her honest feelings of how she had to give up some of her desires to raise her children.  Her stories will make you laugh, cry and at times make you stop and think about how precious your children really are. As a child advocate, I’m so grateful for Leilani’s willingness to put her life on display to help parents put a priority in raising this younger generation for the Lord!” Tricia Reyes, co-founder of Church Of Joy Reach A Generation, author and blogger, Talks With Tricia

“If you have a passion to see your children love God and walk with Him in their teen and adult years, then this book should be at the top of your required-reading  list. You will find much more than good advice. You will be given tools to help your children cultivate a personal faith that they can own and defend and examples of how this works in real life. Leilani’s personal testimony of how she walked away from dysfunction to raise children who are impacting the kingdom of God in tangible ways will inspire you to invest eternally in your own children.” Author, A Little R & R
Founder, Christian Blogger Community

“Leilani brings you into her living room and opens her heart in this book, by using personal stories and struggles to let you know your not alone and that with God you can be successful at the highest calling you will ever have, to be a mom or dad.” – Lisa Great, author of “Divine Principles of Success.”

“Ten Keys to Raising Kids that Love God is a practical and relevant guide to one of the most important and difficult tasks in life – parenthood. By tying in the learning curve from brokenness and mishaps from her own childhood Haywood brings a genuine perspective to championing our children by putting God first.” – Shannon Deitz, founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry and author of Exposed: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him

“Embedded deep within the hearts of Christian parents lies the hope that our children will grow to love the Lord. With a little help from Leilani, this hope can become a reality. Be inspired as you read Leilani’s touching experiences, and glean from her wealth of wisdom from the Word and raise Godly children in a Godless society.” Becky Dvorak, Prophetic Healing Evangelist, Faith Healer, Destiny Image author of DARE to Believe and Greater than Magic, Content Partner for Spirit Led Woman / Charisma

“With the pressures of the worldly culture we live in and the grave concerns for raising godly children, Leilani Haywood’s 10 Keys to Raising Kids Who Love God is a breath of fresh air to help parents. This book is crammed full with practical, Biblical ways to not just teach your children, but instill in them God’s love. You’ll love the real life stories of daily interactions with the Leilani, her husband, Jerome, and her children, Chris, Alex and D’Andra, as well as Leilani’s niece, Erin. Each chapter includes a Bible study with discussion questions perfect for a 10-session small group study with parents of children of any age. This helpful books should be a resource every parent keeps close at hand.” Teresa Shields Parker, Author and Speaker,