I read your posts on Facebook lamenting the fact you have to go back to work leaving your baby. Or you’re wondering how you can keep a clean house, take care of multiple littles and work a job. My heart goes out to you! I want to go to your house, give you a massage, a manicure and pedicure and pour my heart out to you as a former young mom.

My son Chris is 22-years-old but it seems just like yesterday I dropped him off at the babysitter when he was 12-weeks old. I closed the door to my office and cried. One of my co-workers was a mom of a toddler and I cried again in her office. I felt like someone had cut my arm off because I couldn’t hold him, feed him or watch him nap.

I cried again when I had to leave my baby son, Alex and my baby daughter, D’Andra with a babysitter. I told Alex today how I would pay millions of dollars if I had it to go back to that time when he was a baby. While they were babies, I had to deal with this driving discontent to have the career and perfect house.

With each addition, the house got messier and the driving discontent faded away. Today I could care less if I ever get to be a boss or anyone considered doing something significant. I treasure the rare moments that we gather around the dinner table when Alex is home from college or Chris is home from work.

I learned to just enjoy being with my children. One of my favorite things to do was to drop them off at school or pick them up. I loved hearing about their day. Fortunately, I eventually started my own business for a more flexible schedule.

A very wise woman told me when I was frustrated that I couldn’t keep up with everything to let the house go. She said I needed to prioritize my time with my husband and the kids over my house, my job and my church. They came first.

So young moms who feel the pressure from Pinterest or Instagram perfect glam moms to dress perfectly with the designer home and gourmet meals, resist the driving discontent. Let the dirty laundry pile up. Dirty dishes sitting in the sink are okay. You have just this moment with your two-year-old who will grow up into a 22-year-old before you can blink twice. Those years of raising your littles race by mercilessly.

If you can, downsize so your lifestyle isn’t as expensive. Or dream and plan your way to a more flexible job to be available for your littles. If you can’t find a way, God will give you the grace to be the wife and mom you’re called to be. Enjoy your children and your husband. Enjoy life right now.


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