You Say You’re Pro-Life – But Are You Really?


I don’t do politics. Politics is ugly. Especially this election, yeesh. It seems, that one of the major divisive talking points is the pro-choice vs pro-life argument. The more and more rhetoric I hear, I want to ask you (challenge you even) Pro-Lifer, are you truly truly pro-life or are you simply anti-abortion?

What happens when this child you fought to be born needs routine well checks and immunizations and their parents need help affording it? What happens when the child turns out to have more complex medical needs like Down Syndrome, congenital heart defect, or osteogenesis imperfecta? Are you supporting programs like Medicaid? Are you supporting or contributing to local doctors who provide free or reduced services for low income families? You should be. Access to healthcare greatly increases one’s quality of life. And you said you were pro life.

What happens when this child you fought to be born grows into a toddler…

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2 thoughts on “You Say You’re Pro-Life – But Are You Really?

  1. I like some of the things mentioned in this article. It is important for Christians to support help for children, especially the needy. And I do believe the church does this already. But more help would be even better. I also agree with the notion that if one is pro-life one should be pro-life at all stages of life. I think the church does this as well but more would be better. I think one of the problems with the church and this issue is too often it appears like Christians are saying what we should NOT be doing instead of what we SHOULD BE doing. In other words we as believers need a positive message of LIFE and living out the message of the gospel instead of a negative message of simply No don’t abort. Anyone with common sense can see abortion is wrong. We as Christians need to pray and ask God to give us creative and positive ways to get the message out that there is a better way to deal with un wanted pregnancy than by getting an abortion. Adoption is clearly the best alternative. Somebody will want that baby and will care for it. That is a positive solution

  2. Yes, I am. And I’m also “pro-life” according to the long-held definition of being against abortion. For me, none of the other issues matter if you’re dead.

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