What a Hero Looks Like

I recently interviewed someone who I consider a hero. In our media-saturated world, we’ve forgotten what’s a genuine hero.

We’re accustomed to being manipulated and marketed to that we consider a celebrity a hero.

A self indulgent pop star who earns millions from a label deal with a team of songwriters, producers, stylists and image managers, is not a hero.

That pop star is a product of a music machine, not a culture breaker.

An actor or actress who earns millions and lives in a beachfront mansion, isn’t a hero,

A beauty queen isn’t a hero.

A multi-billionaire whose earnings can feed a small country isn’t a hero.


A hero stands steadfastly in what they believe under the threat of death.

A hero doesn’t compromise their beliefs for the sake of comfort or convenience.

A hero is a pacesetter who is willing to stand alone for what they believe in a hostile culture.

These are the heroes that will not win a Grammy or Oscar. CNN and media outlets won’t tell their story because it isn’t sexy enough. They will be ignored by the world but heralded by God.
This gentleman isn’t a pop star, actor or celebrity. I believe that he represents the unseen heroes that fly under the media radar because they don’t want to be promoted.

They do what they do because of love. Bishop Boris Boricheriskiy is a hero that I met at the International House of Prayer’s Onething 2015 Conference. He became a Christian at 15 under Communism.

The fact that he decided to follow Christ at the risk of his own life as a teenager immediately makes him a hero to me. Bishop Boris told his story of an incredible adventure in God that sounds like something you would read in a book.
Bishop Boris’s life comes close to what the Bible would call a hero according to Hebrews 12.

I pray that his story would inspire you to become a hero to your family and friends. Break free from the marketing manipulation that makes an actor on the big screen look like a hero. Become a real hero, not a fan or consumer of someone else’s story. Make your own story in 2016. Listen to his story.



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