How A Teenager Shocked Me

Samuel Noel, 18, produced “Mighty King,” a 14-song project with 43 artists and musicians.

Everyday we read headlines about teenagers committing crimes or brazenly living a promiscuous, party-hardy drug pursuing lifestyle. But I believe despite the teenagers you hear about in the headlines that God is raising up a new generation of teenagers who are truly counter-culture by living their faith out loud. One of those teenagers is someone I’ve watched grow up in my church.Samuel Noel is 18-years-old and he shocked me with his extravagant generosity towards the church and God. He worked 3 jobs and emptied his savings account to produce a CD, “Mighty King.” The project includes 14 original songs with 43 musicians and singers. The proceeds of the project will go towards the World Revival School of Worship.

I listened to the CD three times and their are obvious technical flaws. Despite the technical flaws, the message and heart for the church shines through. Most 18-year-old guys would spend their money on a new car, the latest gaming system or music gear. Instead, Noel chose to spend it on a project that frankly isn’t going to win a Grammy or a Dove award.

Noel says that the goal of the project was to “break walls down.”

Noel explains, “We have a lot of good musicians and singers in my church but we were all divided into little groups. I wanted to bring them all together and to spark them to blow the dust off that song they wrote and produce it.” The project includes 14 songs in a variety of genres from rock, blues, acoustic worship to gospel.

Kansas City Christian Music Blues Artist of the Year Daniel Tru Blu Gray plays on most of the trax. Former Integrity recording artist, Eric Nuzum Thomason is also on the project. Noel was mentored by Gray and Thomason as he walked through the challenges of writing the songs, arrangements and organizing 43 musicians and singers for their recording sessions.

“I rewrote the tempo for ‘I Need You Father,’ because Satara (Brown) shared with me some stuff that she was going through,” says Noel. “I had written it for a faster tempo but I needed to slow it down because Satara was singing this from her heart.”

There’s a plethora of technically excellent, polished worship CDs that you can buy. But this project stands out to me because I know the people that sing these songs and their heart for God. One of those singers is one of my closest friends, Shelly Dillion. This was the first time that she sang in a studio although she had led worship in church since she was a kid.

Dillion faithfully serves behind the scenes by making sure the facilities are clean at World Revival Church. She has a heart for God and was once approached by a talent scout who wanted to make her into a black country music star. She turned that offer down. I loved hearing her pour her passion and heart out for God in “Healer.”

“Mighty King” is a compiled anthem from people of different races, ages and backgrounds with the common heart to crown Him in worship. This is not a multi-million dollar funded project by a record label but the work of love from a teenager and his friends and mentors. I urge you to invest in it to show that worship isn’t captive to record labels and million dollar productions.

When you buy “Mighty King,” you’re supporting a school of worship that’s devoted to raising up musicians and singers who are not leading worship to become a celebrity or star, but to give songs to the church to sing. You will be singing these songs because the melodies are easy to follow and the songs are easy to sing. Support emerging worship leaders by buying “Mighty King.”

Order “Mighty King” on iTunes and Amazon Music or

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