5 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Working Creative

I’ve made a living from doing what I love to do for over 20 years. I’ve won a few awards along the way, met famous people and enjoy a flexible work life. My sons, Alex, 17 and Chris, 20, are also both emerging creatives.

Chris and Alex have grown up watching mommy hit deadlines, get ready for presentations and lead conference calls on the weekend. When Alex was 4-years-old, he had been trained to answer the phone, “Mommy is deadline, she can’t talk to you.” They have seen the hard work it takes to make a living from what you love to do.

They are both aspiring musicians and already have an established work ethic. The first thing they do when they come home is hit their instruments, work on their song or record in their ghetto-grade studio in the basement. They have learned the first rule in becoming a successful creative is to work with what you have.

1 Work with what you have. Most people who have told me that they have a dream to write are waiting to have that slot of time to write. Or they need a computer or a writing coach or someone to tell them what to do. In today’s online and print on demand environment, writers have more opportunities then they did in earlier generations.

My advice to someone who wants to be a writer is to write. Start a blog. Take a writing class. Volunteer to write your church/PTA/organization newsletter, press release, article, etc. Just do it.

2 Work with who you know. The cardinal rule I’ve learned since my journalism professor helped me land my first internship is that who you know matters. That means you need to be polite to everyone. You have no idea who that barista at your favorite coffeehouse knows that could open the door for you.  Read the rest of the post here. I would like to hear your ideas as well.

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