Faith at Work: When Work Gets Crazy

“You will come in at 6am on Saturday and wear a blood drop costume,” my new boss announced. “You guys are marching in the American Royal Parade. Your job is to be a happy blood drop.”

I was so mad that I wanted to tell her what she could do with that blood drop costume. My co-worker decided to go along with the task and I followed him. He was excited about wearing a blood drop costume and we started figuring out silly routines that we could do with the anonymity of the costume.

I’ll never forget that steamy hot morning of walking down Grand Blvd. behind a horse that pooped after passing every other block. The constant dropping of pop forced me to dance on the street to avoid stepping in it. I learned that I could wear a blood drop costume and get away with being silly because no one would ever see me.

Another crazy ridiculous thing I’ve had to do for my job was to herd 300 custodians for a group photo. That was a crazy fun task of trying to get them all to look at the camera at the same time. What crazy thing have you done at your job?

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