Faith at Work: The Eye of the Storm

I had 6 bosses in 2 years. The constant turnover created fear and insecurity my co-workers. My co-workers didn’t want to take on projects because of the uncertainty. Yet, we knew that if we didn’t produce then our department would be viewed as non-essential.

We had to stay productive through the chaos. In that storm, I decided to become a pillar of stability and security. I became what my department needed.

Before I went to work, I would speak peace and stability over the department. I would stay late or come in early to pray over the offices. I prayed for God to send the right boss and for wisdom for the team to weather the storm.

I was eventually asked to take that position but I turned down the offer. I left that position for another company. Everyone in the department eventually left but today it is a thriving department.

God can be an anchor when you’re working in the eye of the storm.  The eye of the storm is the most calm, peaceful place during a storm. He can position you to bring stability and security in the storm. You can be the ‘eye of the storm’ for your co-workers, your friends and family in the middle of their chaos.

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