Faith at Work: When You’re Asked to Do Something New

“Leilani, we would like you to build a web site,” My boss said.

“I’ve never built a web site,” I replied.

“If you have to take classes, we’ll pay for the classes. You’re very creative and quick to learn new things so I know you can do it,” he reassured me.

I had just finished producing a video with animation, historic footage and top-notch narration. I taught myself how to write a script, how to storyboard scenes and how to direct. How hard could it be to create a web site?

Today there are all sorts of WYSWYG or web-based site building platforms such as Wix. Back in the late 90s, you had to know HTML and some code. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and I believe this ability is a gift from God. He has no limits on our skills, ability or knowledge.

When I’m asked to do something I’ve never done, I pray. I pray for God to send me the right person who can guide me. I pray for wisdom in choosing the right classes and resources. I pray for insight into the methods and processes of accomplishing that task.

The benefits of having a relationship with God is that we have access to wisdom beyond our ability or experience. This is when walking by faith gets fun! He can connect you to a key person who can move your project forward 50 miles down the road after one phone call or meeting.

The difficult IT person that I blogged about was that key person. Harriet gave me my plan of action in one meeting. I believe God sent Harriet to dramatically launch the project forward.

What are you believing for on your job or at home? God loves to solve problems and riddles. I pray that God sends you someone who can open the door you need opened or help answer your problem. Remember that He usually sends people. So don’t ignore people in your life. He may be trying to send you help now but you’re too prideful to take it.

Receive His help. Receive His wisdom and counsel. Receive Him in the middle of your problem.

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