Put the idea to action

If you did what I said yesterday, you have a notebook with some ideas written down. To weed out the impossible ideas, cross off the ones that are:

Illegal – meaning that you will break the law. You can’t kill your boss. You can’t kill your client. Those actions would put you in jail.

Impossible – I know I told you not to edit yourself, but if you’re a 250 lb. 50-year-old male, there is no way you’re going to be a ballerina. The impossible ideas are the ones that are biologically out of reach unless you commit to a year of serious cross-training.

The next step is to prioritize your ideas. Which idea can you do right now with your resources or relationships? If you need to find a job, then your first priority is to write a killer resume. If you want to start a business, the next step is to vet the idea. Evaluate your business idea by looking at your market and competition. If you have a market and lots of competition, then your offer needs to be so unique that people want to do business with you instead of the competitor down the street.

If you have a market and zero competition, then the door is wide open for your business idea. Make a list of what you need and funds for launching the business. Then prioritize what you need to launch.

Here’s some links to resources for launching your idea:

8 Steps to Launch an Idea, in Just a Few Hours

How to Take an Idea to Launch in 4 Steps

Prepare for Takeoff: How to Launch Your Idea


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