Did that really happen?

We are either victors or victims of our own perspectives. The view from above or across the room can be radically different from what really happened. I learned this the hard way.

I have a daughter with special needs and as I walked outside the church sanctuary, I saw a horrible site. She was sitting across from some girls her age who were pointing at her and laughing.

I grabbed her and told the girls that they should not have been so cruel. They looked at me strangely. Angry, I turned around and walked out.

I woke my husband because I couldn’t sleep. I told him what happened. “You need to talk to the parents to hear their side of the story,” he said.

I Facebooked the parents and immediately received several responses. I talked to the girl who was the ringleader and this is what she said: “I was telling your daughter that she shouldn’t throw her Bible on the floor. I told her that it was a holy book.”

The girl’s eyes were earnest and I knew in my gut that she was telling the truth. Her story backed the accounts that the rest of the parents shared with me. I was wrong.

What I saw: Girls pointing at her and laughing.

What happened: They were trying to tell her to not throw her Bible on the floor.

I over reacted and if it wasn’t for my husband advising me to get their side of the story, I would have thought that these girls were mean and cruel to kids with disabilities. I was woefully wrong.

Have you over reacted to something? Are you mad at someone? Get their side of the story. Life will be so much better. Love is a lighter burden to carry then anger.

Our views can be dramatically different from the truth because of our lenses. Put down your microscope. Look through someone else’s eyes or walk in their shoes. Tell me how it goes.

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