When God Comes to a Group of Teenagers

crowd.ogesbyThe smell of garbage permeated my dark bedroom. I wanted to die. I wanted to kill myself.

As I wept in that dark smelly bedroom, a presence drifted into the room. Suddenly I was overcome by peace, joy, love and I knew that someone cared about me. A voice spoke from that presence and said, “My hand is on your life. I’m going to take care of you.”

I didn’t grow up in a religious home but I knew that this was the voice of God. I realized that God cared about me even thought I didn’t know Him. I wanted to know Him, but there wasn’t anyone to tell me about Him.

Three years later I started going to a small Pentecostal church and I was on fire for God. My friends who brought me to church thought I was a freak and threatened to end my friendship. I quit following God and my life spiralled downhill fast.

I believe if someone would have told me how to follow God and to get to know Him when I was 10-years-old, I would have responded. My life would have been completely different. But there was no one. Not a single person to tell me about God.

This past weekend, I was part of a ministry team that went to a little town 600 miles south to help a group of middle and high school students encounter God. A remarkable 15- year-old, Charles Graves, organized this conference to reach his peers. His parents, Alyssa and Jack are on staff at the school that hosted the conference.

I shared my story with a group of middle school and high school girls. These girls want to know God and how to follow Him, but they needed a messenger. Jack, Alyssa and Charles have been faithful messengers to them. Now they needed to meet the living God.

At the last Saturday night service, they encountered God. I watched them weep, worship, and receive prayer. They didn’t even want to leave although the leaders said the service
was over.

If it wasn’t for the Graves, those kids would have never had an encounter with God. God needs a messenger to go to the kids — who were like me at 10-years-old that wanted to know Him — but had no one to tell me how to follow Him. I believe there are millions of kids in our nation who want God. They don’t want religion. They don’t want a bunch of rules. They want to know the God of the Bible who brings healing, deliverance and freedom.

A student’s leg grew out after Levi O’Brien prayed for him. That one healing sparked an interest in God to the point that the kids rushed into the library to learn more. The God of the Bible is extremely attractive to this generation. He just needs someone who doesn’t care about fame, title or a ministry to go to these little towns that no one would go to, to reach kids that most people overlook.

Are you willing to lay down your life to tell your neighbor next door or the kid that drives you crazy with their loud music about the one true living God? He needs you. This weekend, I was the person I would have wanted to come to me when I was a hurting 10-year-old girl who wanted to die. I was the woman I would have wanted to reach girls who want Him.

May you carry His life, His glory, peace and love to those around you. The world wants Him. Let’s not get in the way. Let’s be the way.

4 thoughts on “When God Comes to a Group of Teenagers

  1. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I’m reading this. I am the Mother of the boy who had his leg healed by God. Also, I am the Mother of Dylan Dillard who was present at the conference. I just can not express enough to you all for coming to our town, and changing lives of all the youth. I had a discussion with Dylan the night he came home from the conference, and told him that he needs to help Charles keep that spirit alive in all the youth. He told me that “yes, I had already intended to, Mom”. I must say that as I served ice cream Friday night to all of these kids in Oglesby that I know all pretty well, I had a tad bit of doubt that these kids would respond to you guys. I’m only saying that, because I also know their parents, and this kind of worshiping is very foreign to them all. Thank you all again for all that you have done for our community!

    • Sorry….I left off of some things that I was going to say. To watch that video, and see just how powerfully that all the kiddos responded TRULY makes my heart fill with joy, and tears roll down my face! Thank you ALL so much again!

      Chantel Greer

      • Wow thank you Chantel! I’m so excited for what God has ahead for your son. It was such a privilege to serve them,

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