Revival, Awakening Stirring in the Nation

Over 20,000 teenagers and young adults cried out for revival and awakening during a New Year's Eve service in Kansas City at Onething.

Over 20,000 teenagers and young adults cried out for revival and awakening during a New Year’s Eve service in Kansas City at Onething.

I help out with editing Charisma, the largest circulating Charismatic/Pentecostal Christian publication in the world. While I was filing my story about Onething in Kansas City, I saw another story about the Passion Conference in Atlanta. Than I saw in my Facebook news feed a post from Lauren Daigle with video from the conference. (I wish I could share Lauren Daigle’s video but Facebook won’t let me.)

I’m blown away that at the opening of 2015, two gatherings with a total of over 40,000 teenagers and adults are gathered in separate cities with a cry for revival and awakening. This was my second year covering Onething for Charisma and the spiritual electricity builds every year. Although this was their first year charging for the conference, that didn’t stop over 20,000 people from coming all over the world.

The hunger among this age group far exceeds what I saw in my college days. I became a Christian at 18 during a revival on my college campus. I remember going to my first world conference at 19 where 5,000 students from all over the world filled a stadium in Dallas, TX. I remember being blown away by all the nationalities and the bigness of what God was doing in other nations.

I believe what we’re seeing at the outset of 2015 far exceeds my experience as a young believer. There are no stop signs or barriers with this generation. We must reach them and we must make it a priority to reach them.

I blogged about this last week and frankly I don’t see this as a priority for a lot of people in my age group. I know this is a priority for the leadership at my church and the senior pastors, Steve and Kathy Gray. But for those in the over 40 to 50 group, I don’t see it as a priority. This saddens me because I believe if we don’t gather them in, mentor them, become the spiritual mom and dad that they need, we will lose this generation.

So while God takes my breath away with what He is doing among the young adults and teenagers, I urge all the over 40s to make reaching them, mentoring them a priority. Let them step up and learn how to lead. Don’t think you’re being put out to pasture because of your age. You are needed more than ever. Step into your role as a mentor, a mom, a dad, or someone who can pay their way.

For my over 40-year-old friends, let’s do our part!

4 thoughts on “Revival, Awakening Stirring in the Nation

  1. Revival is something I have been praying for, for a while now. I know that revival is needed, and it starts with us the few believers that will sow the seed. Remember Luke 10:2, and never give up praying for the revival we so desperately need.

  2. Yes, there is a real need as always for parents to parent their own children first and then love on the ones that come into their home, workplace, church and circles. My mother was excellent at this. We always had people in our home, mostly neighbors, family and friends. We need to be up front, personal, and be people with pure genuine love. Not looking to build a church but build up each other in love. That is the church.
    Thanks for keeping it real,

  3. Great article, Leilani! My sentiments exactly as I mention on our Facebook exchange. I had not had the chance to share with you and Jerome yet, but the Lord has challenged me as of the last two weeks to raise my support and go back into full-time ministry service to the Lord at IHOPKC!

    I am beginning the Simeon Internship (for the 50’s and older folks) in late January at IHOPKC. I’m so excited because Ruth and I know that a large part of what we will be doing in His service is to minister to the multitudes of young adults who come to IHOPKC!

    They need encouragement from us and the godly knowledge, understanding and wisdom from God that has been deposited in us from all the years of service to Him in Ministry and from our practical Christian living over the years.

    Let’s work together to inspire the older generation of saints to get out of their easy chair and warm blankets sitting in from of the TV thinking that it’s over for them to have any use in building God’s Kingdom and encourage them to seize the day and come to the table to make an impact on the generation of youth that God is raising up to pray and worship night, intercede and then go out and reap the harvest of souls as we usher Jesus in to rule and reign!

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