How You Can Release Destiny

One work day for my husband, Jerome, turned into a day of destiny.
“I see the river of God coming to you and you need to jump into
it,” the man said across the aisle. “There’s a major change coming
and you will not be in the same place spiritually, physically and
financially.” How many guys get a visit from a prophet at their

The man, John Rohrer, was a minister from Ohio. He stopped at
Jerome’s job on his way to Lawrence, KS. Jerome had no idea that
John was coming to his job. John didn’t know that we were being
asked to leave our church and that I was dealing with the darkest
depression from my mom dying.

John had a sense of urgency to interrupt Jerome’s work day to bring
a word of life and hope. Today, I thanked John 20 years later in
Nashville for stopping that day to burst in at an inconvenient
place at an inopportune time to bring a word of life and hope to
Jerome. “I remember looking into your husband’s eyes and there was
a vortex of hopelessness,” John said today. I wept with
thanksgiving in the Asian restaurant where I met John and his wife,

I’m saying thank you to John, 20 years later, for stopping by my husband’s job and bringing a word of life and hope.

That prophet’s word set the course for the next 15 years of our
life. We moved to Kansas City a year after he yelled across the
aisle at Sear’s. Our sons, Alex was a year-old and Chris, 4-years-
old. Today they are serving God at 16 and 19.

Jerome would have never considered the possibility of moving until
the prophet showed up. That word opened up a new way of thinking to Jerome. something new was born in those moments. He called me
laughing and the Jerome with the sense of adventure was back. “You
wouldn’t believe what happend to me honey!” He said as he related
the story of a prophet’s visit.

That one visit changed our lives. You can change a life by bringing
a desparately needed word of hope and life to a person at an
inconvenient place at an inopportune time. Life don’t burst in on
our schedule. Life and hope arrive when we are stirred urgently by
God, such as John, to drop everything and declare God’s goodness to
someone else.

May God stir you and me just as He moved John 20 years ago to drop
by Jerome’s job with a word of destiny. Someone needs to hear that
God is good. Someone needs to hear that God has a plan for their
life. Go tell someone!


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