Guest Post: How to Encounter God by Sammy Noel

Sammy Noel leading worship at the Libby Lane Academy Chapel.

Editor’s Note: Sammy Noel is an unusual 16-year-old who has started Kids for The One God Facebook group and a band called The Selfless Remain. He is the songwriter, arranger and acoustic guitar player for the band. And he keeps them all on point. My son, Alex Haywood, is the lead singer in the band. Alex’s dream is be in Jesus Culture. But I have told him that maybe you and the band can get the next Jesus Culture. This post is the cornerstone of the band’s message.


How to Encounter God

Good things come and good things fade. Morning dawns evening disappears. People come and go in our lives, good friends, battle buddies, armor barriers, family, co-workers, neighbors, and even the closest friends. Live can be a terrible storm or live can be a medium for an objective that humanity was created for. What is this objective? What is humanities purpose of living? Why am I sitting where I am sitting? Why do my lungs get the privilege to suck in the lush air? Well the answer is simple and many make it complicated.

I am not one to shove church down your throat or to tell you you’re living life all wrong and you need to get saved. I am not going to do that for that is not how God wants people to encounter him. He wants the world to have that moment with him where life doesn’t matter where grace and love rest gently upon your heart. All the chaos, all the confusion, all the drama fades swiftly as God melts upon your heart and shows you love like none other.

These moments are amazing. But how do we experience it? How do we get brought to a unearthly place of peace? It is so simple but can sometimes be a challenge for some. There are two steps which I will be going over in great detail then we will finish with a prayer.

Step 1: Soften your heart and release your thoughts. This step cannot be done in the physical it is a mental and spiritual thing. To soften your heart, think of your heart and think of opening your heart to anything. To give you a visual, think of gates around your heart and one is trying to come in to give you treasures you walk up to the gate and fling them open for anything to enter. Now quickly after this empty your thoughts think of absolutely nothing unless you have encountered God before then just think of his goodness.

Step 2: Worship. In step one you opened your life up now you have to invite God to come in. This part is easy because if step one is being applied than God is just waiting on you to want him there. This part is also very easy because God is involved and God is perfect. God wants you close and wants to be with you and wants to give you purpose and give you meaning to your meaningless life.

Harmony of Heaven will help guide you into being able to connect quicker and more sufficiently with the presence of God. So you ask “Why worship?” Well there is the answer, to encounter God and his infinite peace and his endless love.

Now if you’re new to this and don’t know what to say try this:

Oh Lord

Oh Lord

I do not know you

But I want to

I open my life to your


And joy

I soften my heart and open my mind

Come in to my life so I can feel life for the first time.

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