3 Ways I Stay Sane as a Mom

“I don’t want to go to school!” My daughter D’Andra yelled
at me this morning. She had won an award last night and I
was mystified as to why she would not want to go to school
today. “Why?” She said groggily, “I tired.”

I was tired too. Before last night’s awards ceremony in the
crowded gym at Raytown Middle School, I had already:

*Picked up Alex in Lee Summit from a band practice. That was
a 30 minute drive.
*Had a meeting with a client about a major business
networking event that will attract up to 300 people tonight
*Had a meeting with another client about content for her
Facebook page and LinkedIn strategy
*Edited 3 articles for an online magazine
*Wrote and scheduled 30 posts for the 10+ online properties
that I manage
*Sent a list of social media promotional ideas to a pastor
*Sent a list of questions for a celebrity who is launching a new project for women
*Brainstormed a May email newsletter with a client that
needs to go out this week
*Communicated with all the members of my son’s band about
the results of a major contest
*Finalized the terms of a contract for my two sons bands at
a major local Christian event
*Reviewed notes for a book that I’m writing for a client

In between all of this, laundry needs to be
washed, dried and folded, my house needs to be cleaned
and people want to eat. Thankfully my husband, Jerome
is an absolutely outstanding cook who has that area covered.

How is a mom to stay sane while talking to her college-age
son about his project, making sure the high-school son gets
to all of his rehearsals and practices and that the middle-
school daughter gets to the awards ceremony? There are 3
things that have kept me sane through all of the madness of
being a multi-tasking mom:

Prayer. I pray everyday in the car, while at the computer,
making the beds, folding laundry or any other task I need to
do. Prayer is a part of my life. I wish I had time to slip
into a closet but I don’t. So I pray on the go.

Bible. I try to read my Bible Gateway devotional every
morning. If I don’t get to it in the morning, than I read it
before I go to bed. It might be midnight before I get to it,
but I need to read the Bible.

Laugh. Sometimes the load is so heavy that all I can do is
laugh. My husband is one of the funniest people that I know
and he makes me laugh. My kids make me laugh. Life makes me

This morning I woke up to something that I scheduled to post
and the post was incorrectly displayed on Facebook. The
error generated comments from irate readers. I couldn’t fix
this. All I could do was laugh.

Tonight I’m headed to a major business networking event and
then I’m going to do some writing until midnight. I could
laugh or cry at the load but I choose to laugh. Moms, I know
your load is over your head. Take a moment and laugh. Laugh
at me if it makes you feel better. Than pray as you go, read
your Bible when you can and laugh at the insanity of life. How do you stay sane through the mommy madness?


One thought on “3 Ways I Stay Sane as a Mom

  1. WOW! You ARE a busy mommy! And these are great tips.
    A couple of things I do is I set alarms/reminders on my phone so I don’t forget things that are coming up. I also keep a paper calendar (old-school, I know, but I like it!) with all important events/commitments on there. I look at it often and talk with my husband about which way I’ll go and which way he’ll go. It’s chaotic sometimes for sure, but I remind myself that someday I’ll miss the craziness . . . .

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