Don’t Forget God is Big and He Wants the World

What kid stands in 7 degree weather waiting for a bus to pick them up and take them to church?

What kid stands in 7 degree weather waiting for a bus to pick them up and take them to church?

Last night I shared with my son, Alex, how God is expansive and ginormous and His heart to reach people. “We have a big world out there Alex and God wants the world in His house.” I had just returned from Chicago and saw firsthand the enormity of God and His heart.

I actually saw gigantic God in the face of a child at a Wednesday service. This kid was jumping up and down with glee at a service, happy to be in His house and having fun. When I watched the laughter and smiles of these kids, I thought of how church should be #1 place kids want to be at on a snowy, cold day.

This kid stood in 7 degree weather, in the snow to get on the bus to go to church. Roads were bad around the city but he didn’t care. He was in God’s house.

Tonight hundreds of kids were jumping up and down, shouting, playing games, singing and then sitting on the edge of their seats listening to a lesson taught by a dynamic up and coming 15-year-old preacher about God’s love. I thought of how God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. I heard this verse millions of times but in the backdrop of these kids listening intently, God hit me how He loved these kids and how He loves people so much that He gave His best.

What am I giving to reach people? Do I have the same determination that He has to gather the planet into His house? That kid and a simple message from a 15-year-old preacher, a teenage girl, convicted me. God help me to remember the simplicity of who You are, what you’re trying to do and who you’re trying to reach.

Church of Joy, which ministers to thousands of kids every week, invests thousands of dollars and hours. The excellence and their effort to reach the lost convicted me. Give me Your heart for the world.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget God is Big and He Wants the World

  1. Leilani,

    In my prayer time lately my heart has been poured out for the lost unbelieving people in the world. The closer we get to the heart of God, the more we begin to have a heart like His and you are spot on that His love for people is so much bigger than we can even begin to ask or imagine. Thanks for your authenticity in all of your posts.


    • Thanks Lisa for your kind words. I so badly want to change and I’m pushing myself to reach out more. Glad you’re in the battle with me.

      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 12:55 PM, Keeping It Real from Leilani Haywood wrote:


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