Why We Don’t Exchange Christmas Gifts

Editor’s Note: I’ve known Aaron and Janet Pisors for many years. I’ve always loved their care, compassion and strong faith in God. Janet just posted this on her Facebook page today and I felt compelled to share this.

This is a risky post……I’ve contemplated doing this long and hard for many years, but I think it is okay to post. Here’s a little secret about our family that most people don’t know…..mostly only because no one has ever asked……..mostly because it is one of those things people assume everyone does.

The Pisor family have not felt any loss from not exchanging gifts.

The Pisor family have not felt any loss from not exchanging gifts.

However,…..here’s the bomb……We don’t give our kids or ourselves any Christmas gifts. Our girls don’t get Christmas gifts from us or each other……hold on before you decide…..poor kids……and that we are must be really bad parents……

We decided years ago that if Christmas is a celebration of Someone Else’s birth…..then, it isn’t our birthday…..therefore, it isn’t us who should receive the gifts. We try hard to show the girls that Christmas is about giving what you have gotten……..After all, Christmas is also a celebration of getting Him…….all that He is…..all that He has done….all that He is doing and going to do. What else could we need that would even come close?

Over the years of Christmas past, we’ve given money to various ministries, given away toys and clothes, given gifts to our pastors……one year the girls decided on their own accord to empty their piggy banks and put it all in the offering at our church.

Of course, for our family, the ‘spirit of giving’ isn’t a ‘Christmas only’ ornament on our family tree. But by the time Christmas rolls around, it is the end of another year……and we can look back and see all that we have given over the entire year…….the percent of our income poured into the Kingdom of GOD usually falls somewhere between 15-20%…..we’ve poured heart and love into being good neighbors by all the mowing, yard care and shoveling done……which this last year, the girls handled mostly themselves very faithfully with joy……all the time our daughters have spent volunteering at various charitable organizations with their Dad and Walmart over the past year……the meals cooked for loved ones in need…..and more. We get to look back over the year and see GOD’s Hand in our lives….we get to be overwhelmed by His Goodness that has come and continues to come at us. He always provides for us, and manages to give us more than we deserve. We are a blessed people.

We, as a family, love Christmas time. It is a fun time of year for us. It is a joy to get to spend extra time together as a family hanging out. Aaron is usually able to take some sort of a vacation during this time. It is a time to cherish.

Our 4 daughters are ages 17, 14, 12, and 11………the presents they never received aren’t missed……they’ve never had a bad attitude over them. Our girls have always looked forward to Christmas time with great excitement and joy. They love the decorating, the cookie baking, the singing, the giving……they love to give, they love to help, and most importantly they love their Lord…..the One Who Came To Rescue Them. They are happy girls who are full of life and love all year long, which is a gift from God.

This post isn’t meant to debate gift giving at Christmas….However, remember, whether it is 2, 5, 10 years, etc. down the road, your children probably won’t remember what was in the presents sitting under the tree……..but they will remember your presence…..your love, your smile, your joy, your laughter, your hugs, your kisses, your kind words……as the years go by those are the presents they will really treasure.

Presents come and go….they get old and dusty and worn….they get forgotten…..However, His Presence never tires, never wears out…..and even one moment in His Presence can never be forgotten……it gets etched in our hearts forever……it changes our lives forever. Whether gifts abound under your tree or not…..don’t be sad, don’t stress, don’t fear….grab for His Presence…..your children will remember it for a life time. Merry Christmas….may your house be filled with great peace, love, and joy! – Janet Wirkus Pisors

2 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Exchange Christmas Gifts

  1. I really enjoyed this story, puts things in perspective,next year I wan to do this very challenging and encouraging. We too do all above and love it all, so the gift thing can change 🙂

    • Yeah this post got me thinking too. This year Jerome and I are passing on giving each other gifts because we’re going to Cancun the end of February. But my son Alex told me about one of his friends who got an iPhone, latest xBox and some other expensive gadget for Christmas. Frankly I can’t afford to spend $1,000 per kid. As the kids get older, there is so much freaking pressure to keep up with the Joneses. Fortunately Alex isn’t expecting an iPhone, iPad and iWhatever for Christmas. I wish I could give them that but I can’t. I wish we could simplify it down to giving to others or serving others like the Pisors.

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