The Two Most Powerful Words

If more bosses said these two words, they wouldn’t lose valuable employees.

If more leaders said these two words, they would increase their influence.

If more parents said these two words, their children would feel more secure.

If more spouses said these two words, their husbands / wives would feel more appreciated.

These are two of the most powerful words that are neglected because we live in a society that’s too busy, too self-centered and too selfish to say these two simple words that could change a life.

You probably know those two words by now. When is the last time you said those two words?

Thank you.

Thank you for working hard, going the extra mile giving your creativity, your heart and your ideas to this business / organization / company.

Thank you for supporting me and my ideas.

Thank you for doing what I asked you to do. Thank you for cleaning your room. Thank you for doing your homework. Thank you for being kind to your brother or sister.

Thank you honey for working hard for supporting our family. Thank you for cooking dinner. Thank you for doing the laundry.

Such a simple phrase yet we don’t hear it enough. I’ve volunteered with one project for almost 10 years and I have yet to hear thank you for giving up your time and serving when you don’t feel like it and when you have better things go do. I’ve thought of quitting that volunteer gig but I get so much out of it. Nonetheless, a thank you for giving up your time for over 10 years would go a long way.

So I want to thank my clients who are my bosses for letting me serve them this year.

Thank you Chris, Alex and DÁndra for your love, quirkiness and just being who you are. Next to Jesus and your dad, Jerome, you are the most important people in my life.

Jerome and I at our wedding over 20 years ago.

Thank you Jerome for putting up with all of the ups and downs of my life, the changes I’ve gone through in the last 20 years we’ve been together. Thank you for being the anchor and stability in my life.

Now it’s your turn. Go say thank you.

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