How God Remembers When People Forget You

I went from sitting on the front row in church to sitting in the foyer with a fussy child in a matter of years. I went from getting calls daily from ministry leaders to being a nobody. Stepping out of the inner circle of ministry and being on the prayer team to the foyer was hard for me.

I felt like God forgot me. People forgot me. And I was a nobody.

I wanted to leave and cried out to God. During prayer, He asked me, “Did you come here to sit on the front row and to work for the pastors or did you come here because I called you?”

I answered, “I came here because You called me.”

“I haven’t changed my mind,” He answered.

During that time one of the pastors reached out to me. She said that taking care of a special needs child was just as important of a ministry as being on staff. “Right now your ministry is your family,” she said.

With her words, I began to see holding DÁndra in the foyer as a ministry unto God. When I drove my kids to school, I was doing it as unto Him. When I read to DÁndra, I did it as unto Him.

No one ever gets called out in a conference and receives a prophetic word declaring, “Thus says the Lord I’ve called you to take care of your children!” Who prays for that ministry? Taking care of children is sheer hard work.

I felt lonely and isolated walking back and forth in the foyer with DÁndra because she couldn’t handle the loudness of the worship music. My husband, Jerome would relieve me but I had no help with her. God and my family had to be enough because that was all I had.

DÁndra’s sensitivity to noise began lessen as she got older. She is 11 and loves worshipping through the service. When she turned 10, a major Christian magazine asked me to write a cover story. I jumped at the opportunity because feature writing is my first love.

DÁndra loves jamming on the guitar.

When I interviewed the person, he asked me if I would be interested in helping out with marketing for an organization that he was involved in. I had already started a marketing communications business for a more flexible schedule and I said I would be very interested.

After the article was published, the media company asked if I would be interested in managing content for their women’s magazine. The enewsletter is read by over 40,000 women every week. At the same time, the gentleman that I interviewed asked me to consider helping out with marketing for a ministry organization.

I was amazed that God brought these opportunities to me. He remembered me when I was sitting in the foyer praying. He remembered me when I was driving my kids back and forth to school. He remembered me when I felt like everyone else forgot me.

Last Sunday a lady shared with me how she felt underused and forgotten. I shared with her a little bit of my story because I could totally relate to that. I had gone from managing TV and radio show productions and public relations campaigns to sitting in the foyer with a fussy child.

I encouraged her to look to God who always remembers. Instead of being resentful of being overlooked, pray. Pray and do it all as unto Him. Turn the mundane into an act of worship and devotion to God.

He has a long record of remembering people that others forgot. Joseph was forgotten and considered dead by his brothers. The woman with the issue of blood was considered an outcast by her town. And don’t forget the tax collector that everyone hated.

God remembered Joseph by fulfilling a childhood dream that he was clueless as to how it would be fulfilled. I’m sure if Joseph saw betrayal by his brothers, being sold into slavery, false accusation and unjust imprisonment as part of the process of fulfilling the dream, he would have prayed that God would pick someone else.

God remembered the woman with the issue of blood considered a pariah by her family and friends. This woman probably didn’t foresee a disease that kept her from her family and from worship in her future. Yet God put her in His future.

And the tax collector who everyone hated. Yet Jesus defied conventions by announcing to everyone that he was having dinner at his house. The tax collector instantly repents by pledging to return everything that he had taken unjustly.

Joseph, the diseased woman and the tax collector were forgotten, written off by their family and friends. Yet God had not written them off. And He has not written you off. He will never write you off. People may forget you and write you off as beyond being useful or being able to contribute anything worthwhile. But God will never write you off. He will never forget you.

He always remembers and He remembers you. Talk to Him, cry out to Him. Remember Him and He will remember you.

8 thoughts on “How God Remembers When People Forget You

  1. I definitely can relate and have said very similar things (at least to myself/God) about feeling like I went from managing lots of stuff in ministry back in KC to sitting at home thousands of miles away caring for my 100 year old Grandma… as much as I loved her with everything in me, I personally felt “washed up” sometimes – like I had already outstayed my time in ministry. To me now that’s sounding crazy, and I would have told anyone else that wasn’t true. But sometimes when it’s yourself you allow those lies about God being finished with you to sneak in. Love you, Leilani, keep writing!

    • Thanks Kari for sharing your heart. When you left to take care of your grandma, I thought of how honorable this was to your family. Seasons of being hidden in obscurity cause us to draw near to Him. I’ve been through these seasons several times in my life…when I went from interviewing celebrities in Orlando to passing out pantyhose samples at a store in Columbia, MO. I’ve learned how faithful God is during those seasons of obscurity. You are not washed up. There’s a whole new God adventure waiting for you!

    • Thanks Leann! I’ve seen people get thrown off track when God pulls them from the frontline. They confuse ministry with pleasing God instead of trying to please God in everything we do. I got that knocked out of me with this season of being in the foyer with my daughter. 😀

    • Thanks Leah! Yes you’ve heard my cries when I called frustrated with it all. Thank you for taking my phone calls and being a kind, nonjudgemental listening ear when those moments of ‘I didn’t sign on to this’ took hold of me. Thank you for standing with me in the furnace of frustration when I felt like I couldn’t do anymore.

  2. Good word. “Seasons” are sometimes difficult to get through if we forget that they are temporary. I’m in one now, and I also got the “I haven’t changed My mind” from God. When I come to WRC, I see you and remember that you were the one who wrote for The Outpouring Times and other places about the revival. I see you now with a beautiful family growing up and ministering. Time “in the dark” is never wasted. God is developing us like a photograph that may be ruined if exposed to the light too soon. I’m sure you are a better everything now for having had that experience. Mom to mom, she’s looking like she loves that guitar. I have a cp grandson, and he is my music guy. And your kitchen chairs are just like mine :-).

    • Wow I totally forgot about writing for the Outpouring Times lol. That season in the foyer made more compassionate and more caring about a whole group of people that I never noticed before. I’m a lot more sensitive to people with disabilities as well as to people in general. You know, I think God cares about the state of our hearts in how we take care of His people. I pray and think a lot more for other people. I thank God for those years of being forgotten. I felt His presence in a deeper way and learned how to rely on Him.

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