Favorite Fridays: Not Another Pretty Boy Lightweight Christian Artist

“Mom I want to be like Dustin Smith when I grow up,” my 12-year-old son Alex told me. Alex is 15 today and helps lead worship for his school chapel and for the youth band, REVO. I couldn’t think of a better model for my son then Dustin Smith.

Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

Alex wants to be like Dustin Smith when he grows up.

I remember when I was on staff with World Revival Church many years ago when my office was in a trailer. Dustin and his wife, Jeanna came to meet with Pastor Steve and Kathy. Dustin shared his dream of traveling all over the country with a worship band. When I listened to him, I thought to myself, ‘I think you’re going to be a doing a lot more than that!’

Dustin and Jeanna left their position as a large church to join World Revival Church. His first job was cleaning barns with my husband, Jerome . Then he cooked donuts overnight to earn extra money.

Dustin became a youth pastor and then taught in the school of ministry. He dug into revival theology, revival history until it became a part of him. The message and the encounter he had with God at the church defined his music. This is not a theologically lightweight pretty boy Christian artist. Dustin Smith is the real deal. He is an artist who had an encounter with God.

He just released his ‘Rushing Waters’ dvd which I’ve watched 3 times since that’s all my 11-year-old daughter wants to watch! This dvd is my Favorite Friday pick. Dustin has signed a songwriting contract with Integrity Music. I’m excited because he is an artist who wants to chronicle the moments God visits a congregation. Go buy it on iTunes or Amazon or on Dustin’s website!

I’m also giving away a copy of his Rushing Waters dvd. To enter the giveaway, tell me your favorite worship song!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Fridays: Not Another Pretty Boy Lightweight Christian Artist

  1. This is a beautiful song! Its good to hear your son has a great role model. It also shows how you have taught him well to be able to look up to someone that had a life changing experience with God. This is what I want for my children, to find good, clean role models to model themselves after.

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