Be the Constant in Someone Else’s Change

Erin moved to Florida to be with her husband, Alex Taylor. Chris started college. D’Andra started middle school. And Alex is starting the 10th grade next week.

Erin and her husband, Alex Taylor

Erin and her husband, Alex Taylor

The only constant is change. Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable and despite the best efforts to prepare, you’re going to be surprised.

Erin was surprised that she has to drive 15 miles per hour on the military base where they live. Chris was surprised to get a major assignment that took him 6 hours to do on the first day of school. The only one who didn’t get a surprise was D’Andra who thankfully got a teacher that she knew and some friends from her former school.


My job through the constant of change is to be there supporting them through their transition. I miss Erin and I cried the first day Chris went to college. It was like watching him walk to his school when he was in kindergarten but this time he was getting in his car.

I’m thankful for the ability to just be present for them when they need a word of encouragement. Or in Chris’s case a dinner brought to school. Moms, dads or anyone who is caring for someone else, remember the value of being in the moment.

Work is always going to be there and bills will scream at you. But for that moment, forget about the job, the bills and talk to your son or daughter. Put down the smartphone, iPad or iWhatever and look at them, talk to them and encourage them.

You can be the constant in the change for them. So right now I challenge you to text or call someone who needs your encouragement. Tell them they are doing a great job. If you need to, bring them food.

Be the constant in their change.

Is your child experiencing something for the first time? How is it going?

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