Favorite Friday Giveaway: Beautiful Battlefields

Paperback, $10.97

I picked up Beautiful Battlefields and could not stop reading it! The author, Bo Stern, is a teaching pastor in Oregon. Her husband, Steve, is fighting for his life. They are battling Lou Gehrig’s or ALS, an incurable neuromuscular disease. I like the book because it gets into the battles we all face whether it is a child with a disability, a spouse that suddenly dies or falls prey to a disease, a job loss and more.

I’ve also been endeared to Bo because she is just down home good people. She sent me email after I commented on her blog about my own battle with my daughter who has Down syndrome. It was refreshing to receive a response from an author and minister who is facing her own battle. I couldn’t believe that in the face of her own challenges that she would even think about praying for me with my own fight.


Hi Leilani,

Crazy thing – I woke up praying for you this morning. I had a speaking gig on Thursday and my friend was there (it’s her story in the book about her Down Syndrome child). Then I saw your comment on my blog and you’ve just been on my heart. I don’t pretend to understand your battle – I honestly can’t even imagine it. But please include me in those who are praying for heaps of courage, strength, provision and joy on your battlefield today. Heaps!!

Blessings, Bo
To win the book, tell me what Goliath you’re facing. Winner will be announced on Saturday or Sunday depending on my schedule. If you win the book, buy a box of tissues and be prepared to cry. You won’t be able to put this book down!

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

I am convinced that everyone, at some point on the journey between here and eternity, will face a Really Big Battle. Most of us can easily reach into our memory bank and remember the moment the battle lines were drawn.

My friend Vickie can still hear the loud ring of the first shot while she was in the hospital delivery room and the doctor whisked her baby off to intensive care before she could even get a good look. Hours later, she would learn that they were facing the giant of Down syndrome.

Jill recalls the moment like it was yesterday. A note from the city on the door of their twenty-year-old family business informed them that, because of a legal technicality, the building no longer belonged to them. When the dust settled, her family was left without a business, a home, and nearly all of the material security they had once known.

Debbie suspected a battle was looming because her husband kept going to the doctor but wouldn’t tell her why. The shot rang out on the day she happened to be driving a few cars behind him and watched in horror as his van began to swerve in and out of his lane. When he finally pulled over, she ran to his side and found that he was having a seizure. She would later learn it was the result of cancer that had metastasized to his brain.

Do you remember a day when you heard a shot ring out and you realized you were in a battle for your joy, your marriage, your finances, your health . . . your future? Maybe you are engaged in something fairly fierce right this minute and are looking for hope that you will breathe again, laugh again, trust God again. Perhaps you are wondering why you are still standing. Or maybe you are on the other side of your battle, but it cost you nearly everything, and you’re trying valiantly to believe that God is for you and with you, even though you feel quite desperately alone. I understand, friend. Oh, how I do.

My Goliath is an insidious motor neuron disease and all the emotional, physical, and financial implications that go along with it, but so many different battles rage around us every day. I have run into plenty of women who are also fighting a Really Big Battle, and you will meet some of them in this book. I’ve also been studying the battle stories in the Bible, looking for principles that can help me in this fight. Nearly all the heroes of our faith were tested, trained, and made stronger through their time on the fighting fields. These glorious, victorious examples from the past and the present are teaching me that war is hell, but God is good. And He who is the great Giver of every good gift creates some of the most brilliant and beautiful things in the darkest, most daunting seasons. He does. I promise.

Click here to read more. Tell me your battle to be entered in a drawing for the book!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Friday Giveaway: Beautiful Battlefields

  1. My friend need a copy of your book. I’d give her mine in a heartbeat if I could locate it, we move recently and I haven’t a clue as to where it is. At any rate, my friend Sheila learned this week that her breast cancer has returned, this time in her bones. She’ll be getting a brain scan and spine tests very soon to discover the extent of this latest invasion. A big Goliath for sure. I hope she wins a copy of this book!

  2. Hey Leilani my Goliath is called “Chronic Pain”. My husband lives with this. He was injured sometime back and has had countless surgeries. He sits in pain most of his days. It steals away from his children, from us, from the things that he enjoys doing. It’s so hard as his wife to watch the man I love be in so much pain. To suffer on a daily basis….. I cry out, I pray, I hear my husband cry out to God and he still lives in such agony. It is so hard to understand and for him there are some days when the days have been long and overwhelming and he loses hope. He use to do so many things in ministry we would run together and do things in Kingdom whatever it took to bring people closer to Kingdom. Here he is now not able to move about freely let a lone sit through a service! We don’t need pep talks, or hooray moments we need for God to Touch and move! Pray for my beloved and our family!!

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