Favorite Fridays: Bread & Wine, A Love Letter to Life Around the Table

Most of the intimate moments Jesus had with His disciples were at a table with food. His first miracle was at a wedding where he changed the water into wine. That first miracle still stumps some of our more conservative Christian friends who have problems with consuming alcohol. Whether it was genuine wine or grape juice, that isn’t the point. The point is that sacred moments of intimacy, relationship and ministry can take place around a meal.

Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding. This was his first miracle.


Another food miracle was when Jesus took a little boy’s lunch to feed 5,000 people. And then Jesus appears to His disciples after he dies, walks with them and when he eats with them, they suddenly realize that He is Jesus. Food brings people together and what a better place to reach out than at the table.

Jesus takes a boy’s lunch, puts it in the hands of his disciples and they feed 5,000 people.

I don’t like to cook. When I got married, a friend of mine gave me a months worth of frozen meals as a wedding gift. I didn’t tell my new husband that Kim Milburn prepared the Lasagna or the casseroles. I gladly took all the credit!

Then we ran out of the frozen dinners and I had to tell him the truth. “Honey, I can’t cook. What do you want for dinner? Top Ramen, yogurt or popcorn?” He laughed and said no thanks but I’ll cook dinner. I think he knew all along that those delicious meals weren’t prepared by me.

How about Top Ramen for dinner?

I picked up Shauna Niequist’s book and thought it would be a bunch of recipes. Than I read the stories in her amazing lyrical voice and I was sucked in. Every chapter begins with a stories of her friends and family and their struggles and challenges. You feel like you’re sitting in her living room when she shares how her husband, Aaron, shows her the black and blue bruises on his hands. He is a worship leader at Willow Creek and a pianist, so he makes a living with his hands.

I don’t want to give away why Aaron’s hands were black and blue. You can read it for yourself if you win the book. The book has been endorsed by 4 New York Times best-selling authors so believe me this is a great read. I haven’t prepared any of the recipes, yet. But she got me cooking again.

To enter this drawing, tell me your favorite food memory. Mine is eating shaved ice at Ala Moana Beach or grabbing a lunch plate of Chicken Katsu, macaroni salad and Kim Chee from the food truck across the street at the University of Hawaii when I was in college. What’s your favorite food memory?

4 thoughts on “Favorite Fridays: Bread & Wine, A Love Letter to Life Around the Table

  1. Leilani- I have two favorite memories that totally mark me as Irish! They both include potatoes which were the staple food of most Irish folks, even though potatoes originally came from America. They are also why so many Americans have Irish roots… (no pun intended… potatoes are root vegetables!)… the Potato Famine of the mid 1800’s caused many to emigrate to this side of the Atlantic.
    We had potatoes at our main meal every day. Usually they were just boiled but on Sunday’s my mother would mash them with milk. Then my father, with masterful art would show us how to place a knob of cold butter in the middle of our pile of steaming hot mushy
    spud and build a house intact with chimney. What fun then to dig into the little house and the melted butter pour out. And that butter surely made those potatoes much more delicious to eat.
    My other absolute favorite dish was Irish stew, but my mom didn’t make it with the usual lamb. She made it with scrapings of left over meat from the Sunday roast beef we had once a month. I think I can taste it as I write this….

  2. Leilani- what a funny story about you not being able to cook when you got married- I guess that’s why God blessed you with Jerome:) (He always gives us what we need). I’m mostly the cook in our family, but Lance has his specialties. One is homemade nachos. My favorite food memory is when I was 6 months pregnant and Lance made me a large plate of nachos, with thick grated cheese from the block, fresh tomatoes, and onions, all covered in jalapeños. It was so good – I still remember it vividly.

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