Favorite Fridays: Kathy Gray

One of the perks of being the editor of Spirit-led Woman eMagazine are the amazing writers and leaders that I get to connect with through their books and blogs. Part of my job is to reach out to these leaders to create a content partnership. I’ve made new friends through a community of women who are writing and blogging about leadership, parenting, faith, being a mom and much much more.

I feel like a kid who has been hiding her candy by not sharing with you the bloggers and writers that I regularly follow and read. I believe they are the movers and shakers for women in the church. Today I want to focus on Kathy Gray, founder of World Revival Church.

Kathy Gray

I start my day with her Journal of Faith. She is one of my favorite preachers and writers and my wish is that she would write more. But with co-pastoring a church, teaching at a school of ministry and running the prayer ministry, who has time to write? When she does write, it is an absolute treasure trove of faith and truth. Put this woman on your must-read list. Pray that she finds more time to write because she has a lot that we need to hear. My personal opinion is that she is one of the most under-rated women in ministry today.

Here are some quotes from Kathy Gray:

“People are our treasures.”

“Your purpose is to declare his praises!”

“I have a track record with God: he is Healer, Protector, Deliverer, Life!”

When she isn’t teaching at the school of ministry, leading prayer or preaching at my church, she squeezes in a blog post. She has led a revival with her husband, Pastor Steve Gray. She is a fiery preacher and prophetess. If you ever get a chance to hear her speak, your life will be changed. My life was dramatically changed the first time I heard her!

Today, I’m giving away Journal of Faith. I love love love this book because each month begins with an article, Faith Steps for the Month and Prayer Focus for the Month. You can start it anytime.

If you would like to receive a free copy, tell me how I can stand in prayer with you in faith. You’ll be entered into the drawing for the free “Journal of Faith.” Happy commenting!

Next Friday: Wendy Alsup of Theology for Women

10 thoughts on “Favorite Fridays: Kathy Gray

  1. i would love for to pray that the father would open more doors to see souls come into the kingdom and that i would be that shining bright light that he wants

  2. Please stand with our family in prayer for increase in finances (my business, my book venture, and Wayne’s sales job) and for increase in influence in the Kingdom of God!

  3. Hi Leilani. We’re praying for clear direction, especially for Mike regarding work and/or ministry. It’s been a long, long season of closed doors and the next steps aren’t clear. Thanks for praying.

  4. Hi. Please agree with me in prayer for my son to be set free from a drug addiction. Also, he knows of the Lord but hasn’t given his life to Him. His marriage to be restored. He has 3 boys. They need prayer as mom took them and left far away. Healing in our family too. My other son accidently overdosed in 2009. He was 36 and dad to 2 children. God Bless you for standing with me.

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