When God Rewards Your Imperfect Teenage Son

Recently my oldest son, Chris, became the first valedictorian in my family. He also became the first at his school to receive the largest scholarship in the history of the school. He saw the reward of putting God first and the needs of others before his own desires.

Pastor Steve Gray, founder of World Revival Church Academy and my son, Chris.

Ever since Chris could hold a crayon, he was always drawing. He drew on the walls of our hallway when he was one-year-old. He was so cute that I couldn’t discipline him for the scribbles of purple and red jagged lines. Instead, I wiped them off with 409.

At 8-years-old, he had drawn by hand a mural that spanned two walls. The mural of a jungle scene featured an elephant, flying monkeys and a giraffe that were drawn to scale, perfectly porportional. When we shopped for paint, he was picky about the shade of green that he wanted for the grass versus the leaves on the trees.

We spent one week painting that mural. And he continued to draw on everything he could get his hands on. I bought books that taught you had to draw and he devoured them.

At the school he attended, the emphasis was on singing, acting and playing instruments. He had taken drum lessons and became leader of his drum line. He had a desire to pursue art, but since the class didn’t offer a lot of art classes at the time, he put all of his effort into singing, acting in the school’s plays and playing the drums, the synthesizer, the acoustic guitar, whatever the school needed him to play.

In May, we received a letter from the school he wanted to attend since he was 10-years-old. The letter stated that he had been awarded a merit scholarship of $60,000. We thought it was a scam and called the school to verify that this was a legitimate offer.

The award was legitimate and he had actually received more awards beyond that initial scholarship. Chris was blown away that he gets to attend the school of his dreams to study graphic design and animation. He has seen firsthand God’s provision because he had put God first and the needs of others before his own desires.

Now he can act, sing, play numerous instruments and gets to study what he loves to do – art. Chris experienced what my husband, Jerome and I had seen in our own college experience – the amazing provision of God. I know there’s a lot of bad news right now with rising prices for attending college. But your child can enjoy God’s provision when they learn how to put him first and put the needs of others before their own needs.

Chris doesn’t like me writing about him because he is not perfect. He likes to play Xbox games, skateboarding and hanging out with his friends. He is not super-spiritual. He has a girlfriend who is his best friend. What I’m trying to say is that he is a teenager like everyone else.

I think Chris learned that you don’t have to be a super-spiritual giant for God to reward you with the desires of your heart. Just someone that loves God, responds to Him and interested in Him. Chris doesn’t like the limelight and shies away from getting up in front of people.

Is your son or daughter in school and wondering if they will be able to pursue their dreams? Teach them how to put God first right now and He will provide for them. Trust God and serve others and He will reward you.

2 thoughts on “When God Rewards Your Imperfect Teenage Son

  1. What a great accomplishment for all of you and how rewarding to see God’s provisions at work! The cool thing is that Chris has already been embracing his future by giving his life away in HS, so this next phase is a 2nd or 3rd chapter of a what is likely to be a very long life of service and blessing.

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