Someone Paid Your Way

Today I was thinking about the many individuals who gave up jobs, careers, families and beautiful homes to host a revival in Kansas City. Fourteen years later I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. But I’ll never forget the people who put their own desires on hold to build the kingdom.


We had services in a tent during the hottest summer and coldest winter of Kansas City’s history.

I remember one person who will go unnamed but they know who they are if they read this – lived on credit cards for one year so they could volunteer as much as possible at the new church. Another lady gave up her education so she could serve the ministry. And another couple who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because someone stole their business in another city.

There are so many stories like this of sacrifice, loyalty and commitment against all odds. I remember Pastor Kathy saying these are the people that the earth is not worthy of. These individuals would be embarrassed if I named them but they are my heroes.

You see, when I was on staff at World Revival Church I received a phone call from our realtor in Columbia, MO. “Leilani, we need you and Jerome to bring $10,000 to the table to close the sale of your home.” I remember telling Casey Lohman and she grabbed me and prayed for me with such intensity. Then she got busy trying to help me solve my problem.

Within hours we had an answer and the fleeting thought that maybe God was telling us to move back to Columbia MO was gone. I guess that’s why I get upset when people take lightly the things that God is doing at World Revival Church. Or they aren’t willing to sacrifice or give of their time when my friend lived on credit cards so she could serve the church for one year.

Or my friend who gave up her education to serve the church. You can’t give up one night of TV or going to a movie for the kingdom of God but you want to enjoy the benefits of someone else’s sacrifice. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of the incredibly talented  people God has called from Kansas City and other states since the church moved here in 2000. You have been fought for in prayer, and God has sent you! I desperately need you in my life.

As a church, we can’t get to the next level that God is calling us to in massive outreach without you. We need you. We need your strength, your gifting, your talent, and your heart. The point is that I never want you to forget that someone paid your way. Someone prayed for you. Someone sacrificed for you, gave up their education, put their own dreams on hold so God could move in your life.

When we first joined, Casey told us that we were prayed for. We were fought for, cried for on that ugly floor at Smithton Community Church when we were wondering if God remembered us. There were a group of people who gave up their nights to cry out to God and fight for me when I couldn’t even fight for myself.

Now I fight for you. I pay the price for you. I sacrifice for you. I pay your way as Casey paid my way.

As Pastor Steve always says, “Nothing is free.” Pastor Steve and his wife, Kathy, are incredible examples of sacrifice, commitment and loyalty and I’m sure only God knows their story. I want to encourage you to sacrifice something for the kingdom of God.

Give more time. Put a dream on hold so you can serve in an area of ministry that desperately needs help. We’ve got new buildings going up and more ministry opportunities and now it’s your turn to pay the price for someone else to be gathered into the kingdom of God.

It’s your turn to pay someone’s way. It’s your turn to sacrifice. Don’t let someone else pay your way. You do it.

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