When You Can’t Fight for Yourself

Eleven years ago prayer Pastor Steve Gray prayed for my daughter DÁndra at World Revival Church. I was in the hospital and a few of my friends knew that she had Down syndrome. A medical team stood ready in case she had a hole in her heart.

Me and DÁndra

I didn’t know what to expect.

DÁndra didn’t have a hole in her heart and didn’t even look like she had Down syndrome. Her doctor wanted her tested again and the test came back positive. I had no idea at the time the significance of that third strand of chromosome but the last 11 years have given me a lesson on endurance and perseverance that I didn’t sign on to learn.

You see, today I faced the customary morning battle of getting her on the bus. Every morning it is a war zone as she fights, screams, throws a fit to resist getting dressed and ready for school. Some mornings I don’t have the wherewithal to fight and let her slide. On those mornings I drive her to school.

Eleven years later I went to the prayer meeting held every Thursday night at World Revival Church where prayer went up for her. Truthfully I didn’t feel like it. I felt as spiritual as an eggplant. But as we worshipped together and Pastor Kathy Gray laid out the plan, a warlike aggression from somewhere else overcame me.

I remembered stories I had read last night in a book, “Tale of the Defended Ones,” which are stories of real orphans rescued by God. (That’s another blog post.) I remembered some of the kids and teenagers I knew were struggling. You see, the target for prayer in April were families, children and marriages.

Throughout the prayer service I pounded the floor for tyranny to be broken over children were are being oppressed. I sobbed as Randall Lohman prayed that the Spirit of the World would be broken over our kids. In his characteristic candid style, he shared how he was vexed by the Spirit of the Age capturing the hearts of our kids.

I fought for other kids like someone fought for my daughter in prayer 11 years ago. I cried. I yelled. I pounded the floor in intense prayer. I spilled myself out with hundreds of other people who were doing the same thing.

After tonight’s prayer service, I know that I’m not alone in my morning battle of getting my daughter on the bus. I’m not alone in the war for her destiny. I’m not alone in the trenches of believing for the simple things like being able to make friends and speak well. I’m not alone.

I wish there were more churches like World Revival Church that really fight for people. If you need someone to fight for you and your kids, join us every Thursday night in April at 7pm. You’ll find a group of people who will fight harder for your life then you ever fought for yourself. You are not alone.

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