My first keeping it real post

I’ve finally decided to aggregate all of my posts related to faith, church, parenting, mompreneur challenges on this blog. I hope someone gets something out of it. I may giveaway a book lol! Anyway, welcome to Keeping it Real. I hope to do just that – cut through all the fluff to get to the heart of the matter.

My kids have always told me that I was too blunt for my own good. I see things differently and have an unsafe sarcastic edge that not too many people to get to see. I’ve started so many blogs under other names that finally I decided to come out of the closet to start this under my own name. Might be risky but hopefully makes for some interesting reading that may make you scream, pray or want to do something.

When I was a young reporter under the tutelage of Lee Grady, he once read an article I read and said it had great information but “no anointing.” In other words, it was interesting, and factual but had no edge to it. “Go back and pray and get the mind of God on this than write it.” Get the mind of God? Are you kidding me? Does He really care about what’s happening in Russia? I had interviewed some Russian leaders and wrote an article about walls coming down to the West.

I took Lee’s advice, spent some time in prayer and heard one word, “Change.” That’s all I heard. No earth-shaking revelation but that change was on the horizon. With that one word I rewrote the whole piece which was a lot more interesting and relevant to read. Stay tuned for relevant writing with a prophetic edge.

One thought on “My first keeping it real post

  1. Praying before writing. I do this sometimes, but should do it ALL the time. I’m bookmarking this post in my Evernote as a constant reminder that if I truly want to serve Him, I’ve got to acknowledge Him first.

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