When Your Dream is Too Big

I interviewed Claudia Wintoch for a story and was amazed by her account. Of course her story is in a book, “You Can Change the World.” Claudia became a Christian at 20-years-old and immediately was given a vision for reaching Africa. She changed her major to African Languages and studied in Mali for research for her thesis.

Claudia never heard of Mali, a Muslim nation until she visited for college. God began to move on her heart that He was calling her to Mali. Little did she know that 10 years later she would have founded 3 churches.

Claudia has a ministry to children that live on the streets.

How does a single woman start 3 churches in a Muslim nation? She said, Ïf you have a dream that you can make come true yourself, than it’s not from God.” How profound. I then began to think of dreams that I had that I thought were out of reach.

I wanted to go to college, but I was from a poor family that moved a lot. I was also a regular C student although I was in an honors English class in the 9th grade. I loved to write but no one in my family was a writer and no one supported that dream. To this day, none of my family members read anything I’ve written and that has always been the case. The people you expect to support you are missing in action and you have to go on alone.

Another dream was to become a professional writer. My step-father was a farm laborer and my mom a nurses’ assistant who had not gone to college. I didn’t know any writers so this was a most impossible dream.

God opened the door to college and the door to my first professional writing job as a reporter for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Claudia went to Mali with no money. I had no money for college and no connections. God made an impossible dream come true.

You may be facing an impossible dream right now. You want to start a business, or you’re believing for someone to come to Christ. God loves to do impossible things!

Another part of Claudia’s amazing journey is her rescue of three-year-old Bakrary. He was in an impossible situation as a three-year-old boy who was living on the streets in Mali. His parents had died and Mali has no formal orphanage system. Claudia heard about Bakrary’s situation and took him in with no thought as to how she could pay for his food and clothing.

Claudia and Bakrary

Claudia’s ministry is usually short hundreds of dollars every month but God always provides. Don’t let the impossible stop you from stepping into the dream God has put on your heart. Put that dream in His hands, and let Him bring the people and provision to make it happen.

Of course you need to take practical steps to pursuing that dream such as studying the language of a country that you feel God has called you to. Or applying for college even though you don’t have the money. He loves doing the impossible!

What impossible thing are you believing God for? Let me stand with you!

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