God Has Called Me, Now What?

Last Friday night, World Revival Church had a service that I’ve never seen a church conduct or a pastor that had the guts to do this. Signs were set up around the stage with “Teacher,” “Apostle,” “Evangelist,” “Service” and “Pastor.” Pastor Tom Trout and Pastor Steve Gray gave a solid, biblically sound teaching about the five fold ministry and the gifts of the Spirit.

If you haven’t heard Pastor Tom’s teaching on the five-fold ministry, you must buy it now. I’ve never heard anything explain how the five-fold ministry was intended to work according to the Bible. After the teaching, Pastor Steve called out some people who obviously are moving towards these offices.

I’m not that smart or spiritual but I would have picked them myself because of the fruit they have in their lives that already demonstrate the function of these offices. Pastor Dustin and J.D. King were called out for the office of an apostle. Autumn Darden and Jeremy Weedman were called out for the office of the prophet. And Jeremy Howard was called out for the office of the evangelist.

I was in the call center watching this and I was thankful to have a pastor like Steve Gray who has the guts to do this. We need the five fold ministers yet their is so much jealousy in the Body of Christ that I think most pastors wouldn’t do this because of the pressure of the people. I’m sure there were people thinking, “Why didn’t he call me?” Show some fruit of the function of this office in your life and you will get called out!

The other pastors suggested other such as Pastor James Koppang, a powerful preacher, prophetic voice and youth pastor. Then there was a call for others to come up and receive prayer for that office if they wanted to move in that ministry. Throughout the whole service, Pastor Steve kept encouraging people to come up if they felt like they were called to that office.

If I was in the service, I think I would have stood in the prophet line but I wasn’t lol. Instead, I prayed for people who had called in and thanked God that He was calling people out and setting them apart for His service. Of course we’re all called, but for the church to operate in the power He wants to pour out, we need these five fold ministers.

I’ve been in ministries where those who were called and prophesied over thought they were better than everyone else. I remember when some of my friends in the early days when I was a baby Christian wouldn’t clean the toilets because they didn’t feel called to do that. They were called to prophecy, not clean toilets. In this service, we were exhorted to show humility and serve.

Pastor Kathy and Pastor Steve prophesied over those who were called out. There were others who were prophesied over such as a young man, Silas Johnson. I rejoiced as I watched Silas and his family receive ministry. Then I thought of those who had been called out and prophesied over and were no longer serving.

We all have been called. I may not have been called out Friday night or prophesied over but I’m going to continue to do what God needs done right now whether it is to prophesy, preach, teach, pastor or serve. If God has called you, here’s what you do right now:

  • Continue to do good works of service. Serve and lay down your life for other people. Put others before you. Increase in your service.
  • Stay in the church until you are sent out. This seems so basic, like baby Christianity but I’ve seen too many people ditch the church at the first sign of a ministry. They misinterpret the Spirit moving and the anointing for an individual ministry. I’m pleading with you to stay in your position although you have a promise of a higher position. The people you have in your life right now, need you to function in that ministry for their benefit.
  • Establish a the discipline of daily Bible reading and prayer. The first 3 years I was a Christian, I devoured the Bible. While my friends went surfing, I stayed home and studied the Bible. I listened to Kenneth Copeland tapes over and over again. My room mates thought I was crazy. I have notebooks today with sermons and teachings I wrote back then. I was digging a well deep into the things of God.

If you weren’t called out, then continue to do these things and the time will come when God will call you out. Know that if you are a Christian, you are called and set apart for His use only. Act like you have a calling on your life today. Serve, stay in position and establish a life of devotion.

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