Fire of God hits Fireman Timothy Otto

Darkness is a painful process for some humans. However, I thank GOD for getting me here.

I was raised in a non-denominational / Pentecostal church. Looking back I had a sensitive heart for the LORD at times. Definitely gained some head knowledge that helped shape some core values. I was a Sunday morning “Christian” with some extra interest at times, however I never was “ALL IN”. Through a longer than necessary season of my life I worked too much, along with all the other “too much’s” to try to fill up what can only be filled by GOD. I can say that when I hit rock bottom I had to either die or cry out to GOD!  ( I get really emotional about this) I was unable to “FIX” my self. I was empty, lost and in need of a savior. GOD removed the strong holds and bondage and set me free! I lived for about 2 weeks in the sweetest, warmest, most loving warmth around me. I was beaming in my soul with a light that took away my sins, gave forgiveness, and transformed my soul!

The funny thing was it went away? So I’m starting to freak out because I am like a wandering ship now with no guiding light. I spoke to many brothers in the Lord about this and the response from them was I don’t know what you’re talking about. I had one brother tell me he had heard of that before.” That” meaning the presence of God, but then went on to say that- “Well …it’s difficult to stay in that .“

I refused to accept and had to press in with every thing that I am. He was wrong. It’s only difficult if you don’t give 100% to GOD. This life can be a feast with our LORD if we press in. I am a addict for Jesus Christ now and want nothing else! I have been awakened and am living in the light! The blinders have come off and there is no limit to the power in our creator. I have a shot of electricity that fills my body often! When it first came to me I was scared, only because it was unknown.

With tears streaming down my face I begged GOD to take it away, I felt like I was plugged into 220V electricity. Which if any of you have been shocked by a 110V house outlet, multiply that by two. However I soon realized that it did not hurt, In fact it became the life force of the Holy Spirit inside me that drives me into a deep place with our creator. All I want to do is worship him with my whole entire being.  Most people think I ‘m crazy. It brings me to tears because of what GOD has for me – I am the least deserving. My soul groans for GOD and I need all that I can get. I am thirsty for a REAL continual increase.

I was broken and by God’s grace, I am completely all in! The life Jesus gave is so alive in me that I can’t help but want to jump up and rejoice at the top of my lungs! Praise him!

So after going from church to church, and rushing to the altars’ (if they had one) after service I found God’s tangible presence at World Revival Church.  I remember when I was asked if I wanted prayer and of course I said “YES” !!!!!!!!!   Bam, there it was again! A bolt of electricity that went straight up to who knows where. It was good. Just like I experienced at home. I immediately enrolled in the School of Ministry and now my future is being rewritten to glorify and bring honor to God! This is better than anything I have EVER done! And I have done a lot of things to fill what was an empty life. — Timothy Otto


Timothy and his wife Camber, attend World Revival Church. Thora Evans, a long-time member of World Revival Church was Timothy’s Sunday school teacher. God has had His hand on him and his family for many years.

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