A Bloody Faith

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the book of Leviticus as I’m going through a “Read the Bible in 90 Days” plan. The book of Leviticus is what exactly what it’s name implies, a book for the Levitical priesthood that outlines duties of a priest. I read almost 10 chapters about sacrifices and how you cut up the animal and present it on on the altar.

Especially in Leviticus 8 where Moses slaughters a ram. He took some of its blood and applied it to Aaron’s ear lobe, the thumb of his right hand and the big toe of his right foot (v. 23). I’m sure this means something but the thought of slaughtering an animal, applying blood on someone makes me want to vomit. But wait, there’s more! In verse 25 Moses took the fat, including the fat of the broad tail, the fat around the internal organs, the long lobe of the liver and the two kidneys and the fat around them, along with the right thigh. Yuck!

We forget that the roots of our faith before the sacrifice of Jesus was in bloody, gory sacrifice that wasn’t pretty, and required a lot of preparation and effort. Those scenes would be in an unrated movie because it was horrific.

Jesus was bruised, bloodied, and tortured for our sins. Americanized Christianity has reduced faith to good works such as giving away clothes to the homeless. This is all well and good but did Jesus really endure a tortuous death for us to give away shoes?

I made myself re-read these passages and imagine the smoke, blood, animal parts and the time it took for the sacrifices to be made. The animals had to be hunted, and carefully prepared to be sacrificed. When was the last time we carefully prepared our hearts before approaching God? Or sacrificed our time and our money for the sake of the cause?

I’m not required to sacrifice an animal but I want to feel the weight of the cost. In other words, I should be willing to pay a price. Jesus paid the ultimate price but I don’t believe that this absolves us from our own sacrifice. He was an example for us in laying down his life. We are to follow His example in dying to ourselves and becoming a living sacrifice. – Leilani Haywood

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