Catchy Tunes, Memorable Melodies Deliver Message of Revival to Kids

“Make me, mold me, break me, this is what it means to be free.” My daughter D’Andra would sing over and over again at home. I don’t know if she realized the significance of those words but I believe her well-being comes from singing those types of words over and over again. One day we were visiting relatives in Mississippi. An uncle told us that he has some health issues.

D’Andra started praying for him immediately and then prayed for everyone in the room. They were amazed and you could actually feel the presence of God in the room. How many 8-year-old girls with special needs pray fiery prayers for people? D’Andra has been listening to the lyrics born from passion and the Word of God in Firehouse every Thursday night.

D’Andra prayed for some of Jerome’s relatives during this trip to Natchez. She was 8-years-old.

The lyrics and original melodies of Mary Seidler, aka California Mary, have been sung by D’Andra, Alex and Chris. Alex is 14 and his dream is to be a worship leader. Chris is 17 and plays in the REVO band. They remember the marches and dances led by California Mary in the Firehouse services.

When I think of kids music, I think of Disney Radio which is basically top 40 songs sung by kids with an annoying melody or track. There’s not one original song that a kid would actually sing on Disney Radio. California Mary’s “Hearts Ablaze” was born in a ministry to kids who pray for the sick, preach and sing.

I can’t think of any other kids music project born from a ministry where the leaders don’t believe there is a Junior Holy Spirit. This music needs to go over all the planet. I can see kids in Africa, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Finland and all over the world singing these songs.

Kids Ablaze: Hearts on Fire is available on Sunday, August 12th on ITunes. Join me in buying and sowing this into kids in your life. You will be planting good seed in their destiny! Your kids may be surprising your relatives next time by praying passionate, fiery prayers for them that bring His presence.

One thought on “Catchy Tunes, Memorable Melodies Deliver Message of Revival to Kids

  1. Leilani your little girl is such a fire brand. She always is the best receiver during our adult prayer time and I am sure she is advancing the kingdom in more ways than what you have room to describe…She is an inspiration.

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