Energize your walk with God

by Samuel Mui

About two weeks ago, Pastor Steve preached a powerful message that would help the congregation at World Revival Church evangelize more effectively. He also encouraged the congregation to get people filled with the Holy Spirit after they get saved. So I thought to myself later on, if I get someone saved, how do I explain to them the baptism of the Holy Spirit? How could I put it into basic words? Little did I know that a simple daydream last week would illuminate me with enough insight on getting people baptized in the Spirit—without making them feel weird or spooky.

Because of my upcoming 23rd birthday, I began to reminisce of all the childhood toys I had received as birthday presents. One toy, in particular, came into my mind: a huge action figure of The Incredible Hulk.

Yet, out of all my other toys, why did I remember this particular one? Was it because The Hulk was simply the most impressive and dominant out of all the other smaller superheroes? Especially when considering the eye-catchy forest green muscles and tattered purple pants? Was it because this was the hottest toy at the time? None of the above… actually, the reason is rather silly.

From the moment I pulled this toy out of the box, I idolized it—bringing it with me everywhere, talking to it (like any kid would), playing with it and spending time with it. However, it was not until about three years later that I had realized that there was a tiny battery portal situated on The Hulk’s shoulder blades. As I started to put the pieces together in my mind, I realized that I was supposed to put two mini 1.5 V cell batteries into this toy.

So when I had inserted the batteries, the Hulk exploded in a thundering “ARRGGGHHHHhHH” noise while his massive arms started swinging violently up and down. This toy finally became The Hulk! After this startling surprise, I think I hit myself in the forehead saying “Stupid me! How come I never figured this one out! Boy, this is so cool!”

Because of this, I realized how absurd it was to play with a battery-less Hulk (though still very fun) when I could have and should have been playing with the a battery-energized Hulk!

In the same way this toy suddenly became “energized,” God showed me that Christians—and in this case, newly-saved Christians—are also meant to be “energized.” It’s great to be saved. It’s great to know that Jesus died for our sins and has reconciled us to God by His redemptive blood. But there is more. Because of salvation, it opens up the door for Jesus to pour out His Holy Spirit on His people, thus empowering them.

For without the filling of the Holy Spirit, Christians are just like a lifeless Hulk, looking good on the outside but lacking energy and life.

So if I ever get someone saved, in order to tell them about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I can now simply tell them this: that if The Hulk (toy) needed batteries in order to be the toy that the designers had designed for it to be, then how much more do they—as new Christians—need the Holy Spirit to fill them and activate their walk with God! All it takes is for them to allow God to insert some “batteries” into their portal!


Samuel Mui


Samuel Mui is a student at the World Revival School of Ministry. He is also pursuing a degree in English at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Sam is originally from San Franciso.

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