Welcome to Revival People!

Leilani Haywood, Editor of Revival People

This blog has been in my heart for over a year. I’ve talked to several of my friends who want to express what God has done in their hearts. This is their platform. I’m a writer who has been published in Charisma Magazine, Christian Retailing, The Metrovoice News, The Kansas City Star and a bunch of other publications. I have four books half-written aaargh!

I was probably one of two people who missed the amazing New Year’s 2012 message by Pastor Steve Gray which was the rave. I just listened to it yesterday and ouch! The message was spot on as usual as he exhorted us to increase our influence. This blog is my little way of contributing to the increase of the influence of the message of revival. God has put a mandate on our church to reach out which I believe is the rumblings of a major revival reaching the masses.

I’m so excited about this new season in our church and the harvest waiting for us. Join me on this incredible adventure of reaching the people with His life by sharing your story. Don’t worry, I will edit and make you look really good with your testimony. Let the story of Acts 29 begin!

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